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We empower upper limb amputees through accessible myoelectric prosthesis with intuitive movements and better adjustment for social inclusion


Our algorithm promotes a customized adjustment for each user’s EMG signal. This means faster results and less rehabilitation time


The user don’t have to code a movement anymore! Just think and we’ll do the rest!


With Linked the user will have functional and social reliability. The user will have total control over the prosthesis



    We do not only provide the hardware but also the information, which is especially important for the user.

    So, when the user buys our prosthesis, we will receive the Linked app that communicates in real time the interface information of the biological system with the prosthesis.

    He can monitor issues like the user evolution over time or the prosthesis need for recalibration.


    Cost is a limiting factor to acquire the prosthesis.

    Linked prosthesis can be bought by: direct purchase, using financing methods (with exclusive lines for prosthesis), or if the user really doesn’t have a way to pay, he can always do a customized crowd funding, where he can choose to which people he will send the invitation for finance collaboration.

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Understand the problem

Now imagine… How could you do activities like eating, take care of your kids or simply answer messages on whatsapp? That’s the reality of more than 7 thousand people a year in Brazil who suffer upper limb amputation. Less than 3% of them have access prosthesis.

Around the world, the number of people that lose their upper limb are 110 thousand per year. Take a closer look, we are talking about 3 full soccer stadiums of people that will never have a prosthesis

Did you know that most people don’t have a prosthesis
due to their lack of funcionability and high prices?
responsive devices

Myoelectric Protheses with shorter adjustment period

The technology behind the innovation

What is a myoelectric prosthesis?

It’s a prosthesis that captures the electrical stimulus of the muscle and converts it into movement. Our solution is an accessible myoelectric prosthesis that perceives the movements to be executed in a natural way.

This is only possible through an algorithm that we developed, which communicates with an EMG commercial sensor and an open source prosthesis.

This algorithm allows the user to have a functional prosthesis with 100% control of the movements in a shorter period of time.

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Our mission is to make upper limb amputees life’s better. We want to promote social and functional reliability for prosthesis.

Our company is based in São Paulo and it’s composed by four Engineers. With interdisciplinary knowledge in programing, rehabilitation, machine learning, mechatronics, UX, and design


Biomedical Engineering



Biomedical Engineering



IAR Engineering



Biomedical Engineering Postdoctoral


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